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This feature allows you to earn higher commission rates based on the number of referrals that have made a purchase of one of the MDM products. 

This feature allows you to receive a commission on all future purchases by the referral. We pay commission to you for each transaction placed by the referred user for life!  If the referred user is active, you will be receiving commissions.

This feature allows you to see your statistics with easy-to-understand graphical options. You will be able to follow the evolution of your yield. 

When your referral clicks on your unique URL link leading to the MDM site
(Your URL link is given when you Sign up in the affiliate section)

Receive 100$ (cnd) or 80$ (usd)  /mo, when your referral makes the purchase of one of our 729$ /mo packages for the duration of the subscription.

Receive 80$ (cnd) or 60$ (usd)  /mo, when your referral makes the purchase of one of our 529$ /mo packages for the duration of the subscription.

Receive 50$ (cnd) or 40$ (usd)  /mo, when your referral makes the purchase of one of our 329$ /mo packages for the duration of the subscription.

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Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Get Paid to Refer Customers to MDM & Earn Referral Commissions

When your customers use your URL, you receive a commission of up to 15% and more on all their future purchases. Commissions will be adjusted upward based on your performance. You can create a campaign and share your link wherever you want.

Professional Affiliate Marketing Management Services

Our unique affiliate program offers you one of the best rate in commission among the many affiliate programs on the web. At MDM, we believe that a company’s profit-sharing is critical to the success of its operations by rewarding his affiliates at a high rate.

Trusted Affiliate Marketing Program that Pay

Our team will pay you quickly via your Paypal account. Each affiliate is important to us and everyone is treated with respect and professionalism.

Become an MDM affiliate

The role of the affiliate

-Direct potential customers to one of the services offered by MDM.

-Its main role will be the accompaniment of the customer during all the sales process.

-In improving their SEO, our customers will build healthy and sustainable growth of their business through your involvement.

Objectives of the affiliate

1. Understand the technical specifications of the services offered by MDM

2. Inform customers of the many benefits of SEO service

3. Target the needs, objectives and competitors of the client

4. Understand the affiliate system and these graphs

Advantages of the affiliate

-You are your own employer

-You make your own schedule

-15% commission rate on sales.

-In your affiliate session, you can track your progress activity on your charts as well as the traffic your URL generates

What is good for you is good for your client

-The affiliate program also allows interested companies to take advantage of the 15% in commission. After some reference, their SEO service becomes FREE. This discount is only available when the company shares its URL link to other companies and one of them makes the purchase of one of our services.

-Although the application is currently available only in English, it offers many benefits at all levels.

-One of the benefits of the MDM Affiliate Program is the ability to view all of the affiliate’s performance information and reference directly to your affiliate account.

-As it is important that our affiliates can explain the services offered by MDM, here is a summary of the different benefits of the affiliate plan that can benefit the targeted companies.

Registering a business to the affiliate system

Given the direct link between the representative (the affiliate) and the company (the reference), the representative’s URL is thus linked to the company for the duration of its subscriptions. The registration of the latter to the affiliation system will not affect the fees of the representative. Since the business related to the representative can not benefit directly from this advantage, it can not register his own business affiliation plan. It will then register as an affiliate and share its URL link to refer another one who will have previously clicked on the link leading to the MDM site and then purchase one of the MDM services. to get the 15% in commission.

Registration of the online business as an affiliate is necessary in order to gain access to this discount, such as that of a regular affiliate.

Description of the Affiliate Zone

Follow these steps to register as an Affiliate

Let’s first look at how to register then the different graphical options offered by the app in the Affiliate Zone.


Write good informations about you and your motivations to become an MDM affiliate and explain how will you promote us. 

Your unique permanent referral URL

Whatever the reasons, this link will always belong to you and link you to all your future referrals. You can use this link anywhere you want. A reference number (ref=””) will be unique to you.

Set a campaign

You can also set a campaign as you wish in order to find more potential referrals. Press the button to generate a campaign unique URL.


Check your stats rating 

Graphic Evaluator

This graphic can show you all trading about your Referral Earnings.


Check the payment status of your referrals.

Referrals payout

Display all your referrals payout 

Display all MDM visits

View all visits to the linked MDM with your referral URL. Blue hooks mean that a referral made a purchase on MDM with your URL link  


Set your account and received next add-on here 


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